Oct. 6th, 2016

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2nd House: #8, Coulee

Bedroom Location: First Floor, Back Room

House Amenities: Porch, Fireplace, Attic, Root Cellar.

Room mates: Jo Harvelle, Kol Mikaelson

Important Notes: Earthquake Damage

Thorfinn sleeps in the bedroom on the first floor. In the winter he will seal off the upstairs and sleep near the fireplace

Fountain Arrival

1 white cotton tank top

1 light gray cotton scrub-style shirt

1 pair cotton light gray scrub-style trousers

1 pair white cotton briefs

1 pair white cotton socks

1 pair brown leather hiking boots

1 small waterproof black canvas backpack with a small flame insignia embroidered on the front:

1 set flannel “long johns” -- Underpants and undershirt

1 set denim overalls

3 pair white cotton socks

1 pair thick gray wool socks

1 thigh-length black wool peacoat

4 pair white cotton briefs

1 baseball cap in the same color as the scrubs, embroidered with the flame insignia


Fresh Meat

Dried Meat

Rawhide String

Small Furs/Pelts

Chestnut Soap

Bone Needles

Bone Knives

Bone Combs



Light Gray Tunic by Kate Kelly

Two Sheep.

One Male - Skullagrim

One Female - Astred


Planted - March: Wheat

Straight Razor & Shaving Cream

Leather Belt

Small Box of Nails

Full box of licorice candy, root and cinnamon root


Northern Paganism

Northern Bushcraft

Lye Soap

Viking Soap

Bone work

Icelandic Magic Staves

Viking Recipes

Winter Storage

Food Perservation

Icelandic Means


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Thorfinn Thorsson }{ Karlsefni

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