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Thorfinn Thorsson [ KARLSEFNI ]
Name Thorfinn Thorsson
Bi-name Karlsfeni
Nickname The Brat
The Boy

Date of Birth Febuary 8th, 998
Age Pre-Update: 22 23

Orientation bisexual
Romantic Status Single, not looking.
Romantic History N/A

Occupation Former Warrior
Former Viking
former Slave
Heir to Jomsborg Throne
Residence #8, lives alone.
Hometown Small unnamed fishing village in Iceland.

Mother Helga Sigvaldisdottir
Father Thors Snorrison; The Troll of Jom
Extended Family Ylfa Thorsdóttir
Astred Arisdóttir
Thorbiartl Arisson
Aric Arisson
Leif Ericson

Height 5'2"
Build Ripped/athletic
Hair Short messy Blonde.
Eyes brown

Features short, and heavily scarred.
Tattoos None.
Scars + Marks He is covered scars, most noticably is a sharp cut down his cheek, a chunk of one of his ears being gone, and his hands are covered completely in scars. Details here
Starting out, Thorfinn was a cold angry young man. Someone who would cut down anyone in his way of his goals. He had a strong sense of pride and stubbornness that kept him alive where most might have just laid down and died. Using biting sarcasm and heavy cruses to push people away from him. To keep from being touched, loved or helped. He has always had a need to carry his own weight and shoulder everything himself. Even when he complains about it, it is a deep part of who he is. He carries the weight, he does the dirty work, he cuts a path to a better tomorrow. Be it from trying to kill the man who killed his father, or trying to make a colony in a new land for the cowards and out-casted of the vikings world.

Thorfinn has a deep sense of pride and honor, even when he was a mass murdering viking he had this trait. It was so strong that the man he swore to kill considered him one of his most loyal minions because Thorfinn would never dishonor himself by slitting the man's throat. He had to kill him in an honorable way. Now that he is older and has realized the horrors he has committed, he carries the weight of those he killed and plans to do more good than the bad he did to balance the scales and try to give his victims peace to move on.

Thorfinn is a very respectful and polite young man, the complete contrast of the blood thirsty teenager he had been. He feels he must be kind to everyone he meets even those who clearly mean him harm. Going as far as to say thank you to a man who punched him in the face. He is a little two-faced in this because he will be kind to people that he clearly wants to kill, going as far as to tell his bff Einar not to look at the bodies of the dead before meeting the king lest it sway their thoughts. As deep as his hopes for a new life run, so does the pain and suffering of his past. He suffers from violent nightly nightmares that he often doesn't remember, and his temper remains under the surface.

In his younger years his temper was his Achilles' heel, he could think well through a battle but as soon as he lost his temper it was over. Most of the scars on his body come from losing his temper. And when it rises something bad always happens. He's too strong for his own good and when he gets pissed he hurts people even those he has no issue with. The only real exception to this is woman and children. Even when he was a monster he NEVER hurt woman and children, going as far as to coldly warn women that his old companions were rapists and they should run while they can. This stemmed from missing his mother and sister back home and waking up beside one too many rapes in his years. It wasn't so much he cared about the woman's fate as he just didn't want that on him. The vile acts openly disgusted him.

He is not the best at being social with other people. He spent so long trying to be separate from the band he grew up in that he doesn't always get social cues and simple things. An example of this is Einar had to flat out tell him they were friends, and Thorfinn still didn't quiet grasp it. When he is awkward with a situation he tends to just get up and leave and go find something to do instead of dealing with the issue for fear of triggering his temper in frustration. He likes solitude but has become dependent on company, and will do anything for those he counts as his own, going as far as to break his own vows to protect those important to him. What he wants is not always what is important at any moment in his mind.

He is also not the most sound of mind, Thorfinn is quick to depression and feeling like he has no energy when things don't go his way. He will feel sorry for himself and try to stay quiet but usually he needs to talk it out with someone. Also, when his stress gets high, or he is faced with problems that he can't handle, he starts to see the dead around him. This tends to be Askeladd acting as a spiritual adviser for him, it happens quiet a few times. The dead aren't really around him but he feels guilt for so many deaths that he sees their bodies and their cold hands pulling him down a lot. He doesn't usually talk about this to people, Einar was one of the few who knew since he has a fear of good people knowing about his past. He never told Arneis he was a warrior for fear of losing her friendship.

--Early Life--

• 998 Thorfinn is born in Iceland to Helga Sigvaldisdottir, daughter of the Jomviking leader, and Thors the Troll of Jom. His birth was hard on his mother which left his older sister mostly the one raising the boy.

• Thorfinn grows up sitting at the feet of Leif Eriksson , listening to tales of a land of peace called Vinland.

• At age six, the Jomsvikings came and demanded Thors return to the battlefield. Father and son have a confrontation, and Thorfinn runs off stowing away on his father's ship.

• The ship is attacked by a band of Vikings under the command of a man named Askeladd. They were after Thors, Thors gives his life to protect his son and the boys from the village on the ship.

• Thorfinn stows away on his father's abandoned ship, that the vikings take, he swears his vengeance upon Askeladd.

• Thorfinn enters the battlefield shortly after, following Askeladd and his band so he can eventually kill Askeladd.

• At age ten, he helps raze a village after an old woman tried to use him to replace her dead son. She gave him her dead son's clothes which he bloodied up right before she got killed because of him.

• Thorfinn starts to violently protest that he is not one of Askeladd's men, but starts to complete suicide missions to earn duels with Askeladd. He loses every one of them.


• 1013, Thorfinn participates in the Battle of London Bridge, he faces off against Thorkell the Tall for the first time. He nearly gets killed.

• Askeladd and Thorfinn intercept a messenger, who informs them that Prince Canute of Denmark is in danger of Thorkell, Askeladd decides they are saving the prince and murders the messenger so no one outside of his band can help.

• Thorfinn saves the prince from a forest fire, and is completely unimpressed with the Prince.

• The band flee's to Wales to try to outrun Thorkell.

• He is assigned to be the Prince's guard despite not wanting to, so he picks on the Prince as much as possible.

• After arriving in Mercia in the winter. Thorfinn and the band massacre a village, killing men, woman and children alike to find shelter for the winter to protect the prince.

• Thorfinn catches a rabbit that the prince cooks into a stew, the good food gets Thorfinn off his back some. The boy had a weakness for good food.

• Thorkell catches up with them and Askeladd can feel a mutany coming so he entrusts Thorfinn and his second in command Bjorn to protect the prince. Thorfinn realized Askeladd wasn't coming so when the sled they were in is attacked he steals a horse from one of the attackers and rides back after Askeladd.

• Thorkell is waiting for him, and they duel again for the right to Askeladd. Thorkell breaks Thorfinn's arm and while it's being splinted by Askeladd, Thorkell explains to Thorfinn that not only are they related but Thorfinn's blood comes from viking royalty. Thorfinn wins the duel thanks to unwanted advice from Askeladd.

• Canute arrives at the end of the duel and his whole personality had changed. He takes Askeladd, Thorfinn and Thorkell with his army to go kill his father so he can take the throne.

• After his duel with Thorkell, being the only person alive to ever beat him, he earns the nickname Karlsefni, which meant The Makings of a Man, or Sterling Man.

• Thorfinn's ego rises, and he challenges Askeladd days after breaking his arm. He has to wait until after Bjorn's duel, Askeladd was sending his injuried friend off to Valhalla since his wounds would kill him. Askeladd furious after that, beats Thorfinn to the point of death. He nearly killed him but Canute ran in and stopped it. The boys are told Askeladd's story which seems to change both.

• Plans are made for the king's assassination, Thorfinn still pissed over his loss is sent on many little jobs for the prince, one was finding someone trying to kill the prince. Which made him cross paths with Leif Eriksson, which doesn't go well. Thorfinn refused to return home as long as Askeladd was alive.

• Five days later, Askeladd is given a ultimatum by the king. Kill Canute, or save Wales. He takes a third option and beheads the king in front of everyone. Thorfinn hearing the screams race in in time to help, but Askeladd tells him to stay back. Which was long enough for Canute to run Askeladd through and kill him before Thorfinn's eyes. Thorfinn holds the dying Askeladd who gives him advice before he dies and breaks Thorfinn's mind.

• Thorfinn attacks the prince, now king and is locked in the dungeon to be sold into slavery.


• Thorfinn is sold to a man named Ketil, who offers him a chance to buy his freedom back in exchange for clearing a whole forest and turn it into a field.

• Thorfinn faces abuses at the hands of the 'Guests' which are guards for the farm, and farm hands, he had lost his fighting spirit when Askeladd died, so he takes it all and says nothing.

• A year into being a slave, a tall englishman, named Einar is brought to help Thorfinn. Einar becomes Thorfinn's first and truest friend.

• The two befriend a woman named Arneis, who Einar falls hard for. They also befriend an old cranky man who offers them tools and horses to help with their work in exchange for them doing things around his home like roofing and cleaning. They find out in time that the man is their master's father.

• The hands stop Thorfinn and Einar one morning on their way to work demanding they come with them. Having decided it would be okay to make the Master's son Olmar a man by having him murder Thorfinn and Einar. Thorfinn tells them to let Einar get back to work, and go on and kill him instead. He stands and lets them cut and swing their blades at him. Losing a chunk of his left ear in the process.

• Their leader, Snake shows up and puts a stop to it. And made Thorfinn realize he wanted to live. Einar who had expressed hatred of warriors also realizes Thorfinn is a former warrior because of the dodges he does. He forgives Thorfinn and the two remain friends.

• The elder master starts demanding they sit at his table and take dinner with him and Snake.

• They clear a large chunk of the woods and make their first field. Thorfinn is easily awed by the wheat growing, Einar teases Thorfinn for finding these things so new and fresh. Likening him to a baby.

• Einar also puts two and two together that Thorfinn is so lethargic because he is hollow inside. After he got Thorfinn to tell him who Askeladd was after screaming the man's name in his sleep. The elder master over hears the conversation and later that day tells Thorfinn if he is truly empty to find something to fill that space. That he could do anything at all if he wanted.

• Their wheat field is destroyed by the farm hands, and they attack them knowing slaves aren't allowed to fight. Thorfinn swears off violence after this fight, finally remembering his nightmares that before he could not.


• In the summer, the Master comes to Thorfinn and Einar as they chop down the last tree and inform them that they will be freemen when he returns. But leaves them a message to tell his father, since the Elder Master and Master do not like one another. King Harold had taken ill. Overjoyed they run to the Elder master's house only to find he is missing. He had collapsed in one of the fields.

• Arneis is sent by the master's wife to help care for and live with the Elder Master, and to get rid of her, Arneis was pregnant with the master's child. The first people she tells are Einar and Thorfinn, as her closest friends.

• Arneis's husband Garnar escapes his masters and starts murdering people to find his wife. He is captured by Snake, but Arneis decides despite telling Thorfinn and Einar not to get involved to go free her husband. He gets gravely injured and four guards are killed.

• Thorfinn breaks his vow of non-violence to protect Arneis and Garnar, Garnar dies anyway and the he and Einar are tied up in the guards post while Arneis is put in the barn.

• The master returns with Leif Eriksson in tow, who had been promised Thorfinn in exchange for smuggling Master Ketil and his sons out of Jelling. When Ketil finds out Arneis tried to escape he beats her so badly its clear she's going to die.

• Leif is reunited with Thorfinn, and Thorfinn asks for more time before they leave to make sure Arneis can move, he doesn't want to leave her behind. Hearing the master is beinging a war to the land against Canute, Thorfinn helps Einar and the others sneak Arneis away, she dies in the wagon on the way. Thorfinn promises her dead body that he will carry her soul to Vinland, that he will make a land of peace for her.

• After burying Arneis, he decides he can't leave without paying back the Elder Master, so he goes to face off against Canute to speak peace. No one believes he is a former guard so he takes a bet that he can take one hundred punches and not fall. If he on he could speak to Canute. After winning, the guards realize he is Karlsefni and move aside and ask Canute to speak to him.

• The reunion is short but Canute realizing how much the once feral murderer had changed he takes his request to heart and leaves the farm alone. Both promising to make their own paradises on earth.

• Finally on the boat, Leif questions Thorfinn how he plans to colonize Vinland. Offering his help to do so ONLY if Thorfinn agrees to come home first. Thorfinn agrees, only to realize he no longer remembers how old he was and begins to freak out.

• The Prodigal son returns home, and only his mother recognizes him, because his eyes are now just like his father's. Each time he saw Ylfa she would attack, reminding everyone her brother died as a boy.

• Ylfa knocks Thorfinn out and Helga convinces Ylfa that the man she knocked out is her brother, so she keeps beating him demanding to know where he was, and how a first born male can act like that?

• When morning comes, Ylfa decides he needs a haircut, because a man should be more neat so she pulls him into a back room to talk to him. Telling him his age and chastising him about nearly being to old to marry at twenty-two. He dosed off, and wakes up in a strange new place.

[ Strength ]
Thorfinn has always been a little to strong for his age, this was given credit to being his father's son in his youth. His father was known for being stronger tha pretty much anyone ever. At 16 he could easily knock a man out with one punch. More recently his strength has come from spending the last four to five years chopping down and moving trees on the Ketil Farm. He's at peak strength.

[Hand to Hand Combat]
He's former child warrior, hand to hand combat is something he learned early on. His style of fighting is a bit different than most as he was heavily dependant on short blades, it is something akin to martial arts. Using jumps and kicks to distance himself and keep from taking harder damage than he should.

[ Blade proficancy & Duel Wielding ]
Thorfinn is an expert when it comes to using short swords, daggers and knives. Having worked his whole fighting style around the use of shorter blades he gets up close and personal with his enemies and goes for the major arteries and muscles.

[ Acuracy ]
Thorfinn has an almost super human level of acuracy. Being able to throw his daggers and hit targets both moving at still without a lot of effort. An example, hitting multiple people at once, one of them took out a mans eye with a dagger while riding in a sled, and the other man had on a helmet with a noseguard. This skill is also used in hunting. He can nail whatever he is hunting with his blades from wherever he is hiding. His accuracy with bow and arrow is not as strong as with knives.

[Flash Step // High speed movement]
Thorfinn's greatest asset is his speed above his strength. He can appear to vanish as he moves from one spot to the next, his speed allows him move power to other moves such a jumping and swinging when he puts the speed behind it. Such as jumping clean over a moat in his mid-teens, and running while swinging a sword to cut a mans head clean off.

[ Tracking & Hunting ]
Having spent most of his younger years hunting down his own food and having to learn to be silent and follow trails left by animals. This was the only way he ate sometimes, so it became an important skill to master. Since mastering the art of hunting, he learned how to read these signs to both hunt and track both humans and animals. Askeladd deployed this skill more than once to see when people were betraying him.

[ Horse Riding ]
Thorfinn is a very skilled rider, both in and out of combat he can quickly take control of whatever horse he is on and ride fast to wherever he needs to be. Even being able to make a horse take him through a forest fire.

[ Dodging ]
Having taken the blunt of abuse on both the battlefield and on the farm, Thorfinn has trained himself how to use his speed to his advantage. Moving, turning and twisting to keep himself from getting really badly hurt, and to keep himself from losing any major limbs or get cut bad enough to bleed out.

[ Sharp Senses ]
Born along side his hunting skills were his sharper senses, Thorfinn can hear rather far, being able to tell when someone was about to open the door to a house he was in, and had his blade to their throat before they got inside. He sense people around a room as well, being able to guess how many guess how many soilders were hidden in the kings hall.

[Logging & Farming]
In order to buy his freedom back, Thorfinn spent four years clearing a forest on the Ketil farm, leaning how and where to cut the trees to make them fall in line with the river. His partner in clearing the woods was a man named Einar, who taught Thorfinn how to cultivate land and grow wheat.

[ Navigation & Sailing ]
Thorfinn has the basic skills of a viking pirate, he can navigate with the stars and work sails and row.

ROMANCE: Okay, but it will take awhile.
INJURY: Hell Yes.
KILLING: Yes, sure.

Scrubs Color: light gray
Visible Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 5'2
Physique: Atheletic/warrior
Complexion: tanned
Hygiene: fair
Hair: Long, blonde and straight
Eyes: Brown
Defining Marks: Scar down his right cheek, chunk of left ear missing, two large scars down his chest from his shoulders.And more scars cover his body
Accent/Speech: Old Norse
Bearing/Demeanor: Peaceful and polite, but firm.
Gait: Confident
Habits: scratches his cheeks or rubs his beard when he's nervous, bites his knuckles, and taking all the burden off his friends.
Skills: Hunting, Farming, Duel Weilding Daggers, Knife Throwing, Archery, Hand-to-Hand combat, Tracking, navigation, Logging, durability, Dodging attacks, Agility, Sharp senses.

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