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Jo Harvelle ↪The Huntress
Jo was a face from another land, another time. Buried underneith years of hardship and passed time were memories, almost like a dream, of another land like the Village. Another land that pulled him in. Jo was someone important in those buried memories, the sound of her voice resurfaced them, resurfaced the need for her.

She who looked so like his sister, Ylfa. Though, Jo was one of the only people alive whose ever seen him cry. The two have a bond that transcribs words. He is deadly loyal to Jo, willing to break his own vows if she ever asked.

CR Song: Bent - Matchbox Twenty

Kol Mikaelson The Draugr
Though Thorfinn has met a handful of people he would call his friends, Kol actually holds that title. He considers Kol to be one of his closest friends. He can speak to the man on his own terms in his own language without any issues of translation errors. Kol also having been a Norsemen himself gets him points for understanding some of Thorfinn's strange ways. He likes living with Kol, but does not know that Kol is a vampire yet.

CR Song: Franz Ferdinand - Right Action

Helen Magnus ↪The Völva
Helen is a woman Thorfinn met upon her arrival. He is utterly pleased to have someone he can speak fluently with. Even if she speaks Askeladd and Canute's language, communication is very important to him. She is kind and understanding, and a traveled doctor. He is very impressed with her and wants to be able to repay her for being so kind to him.

CR Song: Everybody (Backstreet's Back) - Backstreet Boys

Kate Kelly ↪Falleg Göfugt
Kate was one of Thorfinn's first friends in the village, a woman soaked to the bone trying to help him understand what she was saying. A strange moment that has stuck with him and left the impression that she was a kind soul. Since then he has learned there is a fire in that woman and she may be as stubborn as he is. He worries a lot about her and some of the choices she makes, quietly keeping an eye on her.
CR Song: Collective Soul - Shine

Kira Nerys ↪Frá Stjörnunum
Thorfinn doesn't know Nerys well yet, but so far he thinks she is nice.

CR Song: Drops fo Jupiter - Train

Killian Jones ↪Krókur
Thorfinn hasn't spoken to Killian a whole lot, but he can tell the man knows a thing or two about maps. He is curious about what happened to the man's hand but doesn't know if it's something he should ask about.

CR Song: You Are A Pirate - Alestorm

Margaery Tyrell ↪Arneis aftur
Margaery was someone Thorfinn was convinced did not like him at first. He worried that he frightened her, but after meeting her in the woods one morning it's become a tradition to see one another now and then in the woods and chat a few minutes. She's helped him catch some sheep and is keeping them safe for him until he can build a pen. She reminds him of Arneis in a painful way. It makes him worry for her and pray to the gods that they are kinder to Margaery than they were to Arneis.
CR Song: One Headlight - The Wallflowers

Cougar ↪Kappi
Though Thorfinn doesn't know Cougar very well, mostly thanks to the language barrier, he already has much respect for the man. A warrior with his hair grown out, with useful skills like cooking. Cougar is someone he looks up to. Even if he wont say it anytime soon.

CR Song: Short Change Hero - The Heavy

Jake Jensen ↪Hermaður
Jake is a man Thorfinn finds to be funny. He enjoys their random meetings and hearing the man ramble. Jake reminds him a lot of Einar which helps ease the pain of having lost his sworn brother. He likes hearing Jake sing.

CR Song: Only Sixteen - Sam Cooke

Veronica Sawyer ↪Klár Kona
Veronica was the first person Thorfinn met coming into the strange new world. And after talking to her at Kate's first lunch he learned that she missed her family as well. He is teaching her Norse while trying to learn English. He like's talking to Veronica, he can tell she's smart.

CR Song: Opheliac - Emilie Autumn

Jess Brightwell ↪Englendingar
having met Jess at Jo's meeting, he found an intrest in talking to the younger male. Jess is one of the few who could talk to him in a language besides English. Even if it was broken it was still nice.
CR Song: London Bridge is Falling Down - Dezzaired

Peggy Carter ↪hefur óheppni
Peggy lived next door to Thorfinn and Jo before the busted pipes ruined their first house. Though he doesnt know her well. He still finds her to be a very charming woman and enjoys speaking to her.
CR Song: Neighbor - Porcelain and the Tramps

Thor Odinson ↪The Mighty Thunderer
Dis his god, bitches best respect.
Seriously, Thorfinn has MAD respect for Thor. Thor is the god of his family, his father, great uncle and even himself are all named after Thor. The strong men of his line all worship the gods and refused to convert even when their beliefs became old and outdated.

Thorfinn will snap on someone being rude to his god, okay?
CR Song: Hold The Heathen Hammer High - TÝR
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