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Thorfinn Thorsson was born to Thors the Troll of Jom, and Helga, daughter of the Jomsvikings leader Sigvaldi in a tiny village in Iceland. Nine years before his birth Thors and Helga had fled Jomsburg hoping for a peaceful life to raise their daughter Ylfa, and then Thorfinn when he was born. His early life was rather uneventful aside from listening to tales of a place called Vinland from his father's friend Leif Ericson, and being far to strong for a child of his age. Other children didn't want to play with him because he had a hot temper and would seriously injury the other kids when he wasn't allowed to win. Breaking a boy's arm who was twice his age at six.

One day a run away slave appeared in the snow outside of their home. The young Thorfinn who didn't understand the horrors of slavery didn't quiet grasp why his father sold eight of their sheep to save a dying man or why Ylfa was so angry about it. The slave died that night. The very next day large ships arrived looking for none other than Thorfinn's father. Thorfinn not his father's history and saw the older boys dresisng for war, he went to grab Thors shortsword from his father's trunk. He thought he could go with them and defeat enemies. Thors caught the boy in the act, clutching the swordsword so hard that he cut into his own hand as he tried to get it through his son's thick head 'You have no enemies, no one has any enemies. there is no one you should hurt' These words have haunted him his whole life. Unknowing to Thors, Helga or Ylfa, Thorfinn who ran off crying after his fathers speech and hadn't been seen since, had stowed away on his father's ship in a barrel. Deciding he was going with his father no matter what.

It was to late to turn around by the time that Thors found the boy. Thors and Leif realized something wasn't right when they sailed through a canyon, but it was to late, a band of vikings dropped rocks and wood down into the water way to block the two ships. Thors being the only seasoned warrior stood to face the enemy face on. Thorfinn stood back with the other boys, as Thors grabbed his sword and stopped long enough to put his sword sword into Thorfinn's hand with the order of 'Only use this to protect yourself.' Thors took down everyone that came his way without killing anyone, but a scream distracted him. A man grabbed Thorfinn realizing he was Thors' kid, the man's name was Bjorn, he was a Berserker who Thors had already defeated. Thors was given an ultimatum by Bjorn's boss, Askeladd. Lay down his life, or the boy died. Thors threw his sword into the ocean and after Askeladd promised to spare everyone else. Arrows rained down killing Thors in front of his son's eyes.

The good in the boy died with his father. He was overlooked when Leif and the boys left, Thorfinn hid in the hold of his father's ship and it took hours before Askeladd's men realized he was there, they took the ship and earned an expendable little monster. He swore revenge and for a boy of six it was no easy task but ASkeladd humored the child, but Thorfinn had to carry his own weight. Somehow the boy survived in the care of a band of vikings, Thorfinn did not count himself as one of them, but they counted him. In fact, though it was never said to Thorfinn he had become Askeladd's most trusted after Bjorn. The boy's rage and need to kill Askeladd in an honorable duel made him a trustworthy minion. He would never slit Askeladd's throat in his sleep, it wasn't honorable and he needed to kill him in an honorable way so that Thors' spirit could rest. Norsemen had rules about revenge. If he didn't avenge his father he wouldn't be considered a man. So he threw himself headfirst into the horrors of war.

Four years after the death of his father, Thorfinn was already deep into troubles that came with the life he was living. He took an arrow to his arm and had to run through the woods being chased by dogs. He feel into a creek at some point and was found by an old woman and her daughter. The woman who had lost her son the year before to a fever took Thorfinn in. Even if she couldn't understand his language, she cleaned him of the fleas he was infested with and gave him an outfit that was a little too big. Though he couldn't understand her at all he realized what she was doing when she lied to a solider that was looking for him, but did not know he was the boy. He heard her call him 'John'. That night with conflicted feelings he wanted up to her and lit a torch a flame and said the word he knew best in English. "Run." Turning he ran from her house as she ran after him screaming for 'John' to stop. He lit a shed on the beach aflame to signal Askeladd and the band, to let them know the village was good to raid. By the time the old lady reached the beach Thorfinn had already slaughtered a bunch of soldiers and slit ones throat in front of her. Screaming at her when he saw her asking why she didn't run. But all she could do was cry, seeing the boy she had taken care of in her dead sons clothes now stained in blood. Everyone in that village was killed, even the old woman.

In 1013, Thorfinn was with Askeladd and the band were on hand at the Battle of London Bridge, against a monster of a man named Thorkell the Tall. Askeladd wanted the honor and money for killing Thorkell who had deflected to England's side finding it more fun to fight his kinsmen oppsed to the weaker English. He promised Thorfinn a duel if he brought him Thorkell's head. And Thorfinn ever the broken record went for it. Only this was the first time in a long time he bit off than he could chew. Thorkell nearly killed him, beating his small body into the wooden battlements of the bridge before the retreat was called. While Thorkell was busy watching at the boats fleeing, holding Thorfinn like a ragdoll by the arm, Thorfinn managed to get his freedom by twisting his dagger and slicing off Thorkell's fingers. Before he could dive off of the bridge Thorkell asked his name. When Thorfinn gave it Thorkell looked shocked but didn't get to explain. Thorfinn gave a monster an obsession to chase, the only man Thorkell could never beat had a son. Thors boy became his new obsession. That, and a man has a right to know his great-nephew.

Over the next year things went from bad to worse with one terrible hairbrained scheme of Askeladd's, ASkeladd decided they were to 'save' the Prince of Denmark Canute. And deliver him home, only Thorkell was chasing the boy down. Over that year the marched and marched these seamen who were used to being on their ships raiding towns and having the winters off. As soon as they had the prince, who Thorfinn had to collect through a forest fire at the cost of a horses life and a bunch of men he slaughtered a long the way. Once Canute was in their care the real hardships started, Morale dropped, the feminine prince was not at all what the vikings expected. Thorfinn who didn't really give a shit about the power plays was ordered by Askeladd to be the prince's personal guard as they were closest in age. Thorfinn took this as 'pick fun at him'. Which he did. The prince rarely spoke to anyone but a few days of Thorfinn being an asshole to him got the prince screaming and demanding him be held for his insolence. Once the boys had their arguments they found a harmony around one another. Where Thorfinn was rough and Tumble, Canute was soft and gentle.

To protect the prince, after having to travel through Wales, they got trapped in Mercia in a harsh blizzard, so Askeladd made a tough call, he had his men slaughter a whole village and bury the bodies. Better they survive with the prince. With Thorkell on their heels they didn't have a lot of choice. Thorfinn stood by emotionless as men woman and children were slaughtered, the prince was devastated. Reguardless, Thorfinn took his job of protecting the prince seriously, and this was why Askeladd didn't tell Thorfinn the truth of what happened to Canute's loyal vessel Ragnar, Askeladd had him murdered so the prince would have to man up or break. Askeladd would not serve someone who he could not respect. The same day Ragnar was murdered, Thorkell caught up. They tried to run, Askeladd telling Thorfinn to ride in the sled with the prince, while Bjorn drove it. Askeladd knew a revolt was coming. He told his two trusted and no one else.

By the end of the night only four of Askeladd's 100 remained. Askeladd killed many but Thorkell ordered his men to kill everyone but Askeladd, asking the man if Thorfinn had a hand in it, Askeladd assured him no to Thorkell's satisfaction. Thorfinn who was not at the battle site but was sent off with the prince. When the sled was crashed, Thorfinn jumped as the sled flipped kicking one of the mutineers off their horse and riding hard back for Askeladd, cursing about having to be the only one to do any real work. He couldn't let the old man die, it was HIS duty to kill Askeladd. Arriving on the battlefeild Thorkell was just TOO happy to see Thorfinn, in fact he punched the horse Thorfinn was on hard enough to kill it and send Thorfinn through the air. A duel was demanded for the right to Askeladd's life, Thorfinn never even stopped to ask if Askeladd was a prisoner, Thorkell had no intention of killing the man till Thorfinn threatened him.

The two battled and though it only lasted five minutes, a boy of five foot four defeated the seven foot tall Thorkell, at the cost of his left arm and a few broken ribs. No one had ever lasted that long in a duel with Thorkell before, besides his father. While Thorfinn's broken arm was being splinted after Thorkell kicked him into a tree, Thorkell reveiled that they were not only family, but Thorfinn is someone of damned high rank due to his mother. After the story, Thorkell enraged Thorfinn by telling him he's nothing like his father. Askeladd whispered a strategy to the boy and despite hating the man, he took it. And WON. Taking the giant down because he had a bad knee. He tore one of Thorkell's eyes out just after the duel ended in a rage and was nearly killed for it. It was then that the prince arrived. Canute had changed since the wagon flipped. He had a fire in his eyes and demanded the duel end and everyone to stop.

He took Thorkell and his 500 men, Askeladd, Thorfinn and the dying Bjorn with him to Northumberland. The prince had decided it was time for his father to die and these vikings would help him. It was here that Thorfinn while still acting as the prince's personal guard murdered an assassin that tried to kill Canute, scaring a man standing by. When the guard came trying to arrest Thorfinn, who was in a foul mood and broke their leaders jaw with one punch, the realized he was Karlsefni. Legends were already running wild about the boy who defeated Thorkell, but when they said his name the old man grabbed the boy and hugged him. The old man, was Leif Ericson, who had been looking for Thorfinn all these long years. He nearly cried seeing the scarred monster the once happy boy had become. He tried to get Thorfinn to come with him, but he refused. Not even wanting to hear about his mother, Ylfa or the fact he had nieces and nephews now. All that mattered was his revenge. He walked away from Leif to return to the prince, he had a duel in the morning with Askeladd, and beating Thorkell had gone to his head, he expected himself to win this time.

He didn't. In fact, for the first time, Askeladd nearly killed him. Thorfinn's duel had to wait until Bjorn's. Bjorn was dying, and Thorfinn didn't mind waiting to let the man be sent off as a warrior should. Bjorn was Askeladd's only true friend so having to kill him really amde for a terrible mood. And when Thorfinn being Thorfinn let the blood rush his head Askeladd beat him to an inch of his life. if Canute had not run to stop the battle, Askeladd would have killed the boy he was secretly very proud of. After Thorfinn woke up, Askeladd told him how you kill a man you truly hate, telling the boy his life story before heading off to bury Bjorn.

About a week later, while Thorfinn was sulking outside of the king's hall because he didn't want to sit inside with the prince and Askeladd, he heard screaming and soldiers running. By the time he got inside it was too late, Askeladd had 'snapped' and murdered the king. When Thorfinn tried to run to his aid, Askeladd screamed for him to not come any closer, which confused Thorfinn and distracted Askeladd long enough for Canute to run his blade through the man Thorfinn had swore to kill. The subjects cried for their new king having avanged his father, while Thorfinn craddled Askeladd's dying body screaming at him to get up, they needed to run. But the man poked fun at Thorfinn asking him what he was going to do now that he was dying. When Thorfinn had no answer. Askeladd looked up and told him to let the petty shit go, to move past the world Thors saw and become a true warrior. His last words were words of encouragement to the boy who swore to kill him. It broke Thorfinn, just like ten years before his father dying before his eyes, Askeladd dying in his arms shattered him. Standing up he stumbled towards Canute who was offeirng to release him from his service. But Thorfinn was out of his mind and slashed the prince hard across the cheek with his father's blade.

Thorfinn attacked Royalty, and a man named Floki was quick to remind the prince that the boy must die for it. Canute refused to kill his friend saying he had something else in mind.

The Son of Thors was sold into slavery.


Thorfinn did not remember the strange world he went to, he saw flashes of it in his dreams, but he never remembers his dreams.
------Returning to his world----
His first year of slavery was spent on a farm owned by a man named Ketil, Ketil was a kind man offering Thorfinn a means to buy his freedom back all he had to do was clear a whole forest and turn it into fields and he could be free. But Thorfinn had hollowed out since Askeladd's death. He felt he had no reason to live so he didnt work as hard as he should have. He was reguarly beaten and tormented by the 'guests' on the farm for his lack of manners. He eventually quit fighting back all together and learned to say please and thank you to everyone. Practically groveling because he was just tired of everything.

Into the second year on the far another slave was brought to help him. A large christian man named Einar. Einar was unlike anyone Thorfinn had met in his life. He was kind, friendly and liked to try and get Thorfinn to smile. The two became friends, it was a strange concept for Thorfinn, who had to be flat out told they were friends by Einar when he questioned the man why he always woke him up when he was having nightmares. Einar hated wars and warriors so when he realized Thorfinn was a former Warrior he had almost hated him, but realized quickly that Thorfinn was not proud of his old life. The two came across an old man who offered to loan them a horse since they needed one and the farm hands would not loan it to them in exchange for some work around his house. The two didn't know this old man was their masters father, the old man treated them kindly. Always making them clean up and sit at his table and eat with him whenever they came in. With the old man's help and tools they were able to clear the forest with in three years. Thorfinn had made a few friends because of the old man, a female slave named Arneis who was the master's mistress and Einar was deeply in love with her, and a guard named Snake who had saved Thorfinn's life when the other guards tried to use Thorfinn as someone the master's son could kill. Snake made Thorfinn realize he wanted to live. And the two genuinely got along well.

Thorfinn would sit and work on the old man's roof just so he could listen to Snake read the bible. Though he wasn't a christian at all, he loved the stories and the lessons in them. When the summer was coming to a close, King Harold, who was Canute's brother was dying, so Master Ketil stopped to see Thorfinn and Einar when they finished cutting the last tree and informed them when he got back from his trip he would make them free men again, offering to let them stay on the farm if they choose. Only, things never go as expected. The old man had collapsed in a field and was dying. Thorfinn, Snake and Einar were trying to take care of him when Arneis was sent to care for him as well, Ketil's wife hated the pretty slave and mostly wanted her gone. And though laughter followed for many days tragedy did to. Arneis had been married and her husband was also a slave but on another father, He found her, and murdered four of the guards to get to her.

Arneis tried to ignore it and not go to him at the Guest lodging where Snake had him tied up, Snake was the leader of the guards and lived with the old man. She told Thorfinn and Einar how she was pregnant with the master's child and how she lost her son with her husband because unmarried slaves sell higher, she didn't want to weather the storm. She wanted to live with her child... Thorfinn nor Einar slept that night, Thorfinn watching over Einar expecting him to run. Though his friend was peaceful he was quick to temper and he wanted to protect Arneis. When morning came, while Thorfinn and Einar were talking the guards overturned their shed where they slept and Thorfinn realized it meant Arneis' husband escaped. Rushing to the elder masters house they found Arneis outside washing dishes. Thorfinn could tell the guards were inside watching.

Thorfinn had Einar run and pretend to be the husband while he helped Arneis move the body, which was hidden under the Elder Master's bed. The old man wanted these slaves to be happy, so he had told her to hide him there. Telling Thorfinn to put him in the cart to so no one would stop them as they took Arneis and Garder to escape. They didn't make it in time, Snake realized that 'Gardar' was to fast for an injuried slave, he realized what was going on and ran back in time to see Thorfinn carrying Gardar's unconcious body out of the elder master's house. Though he had swore off violence, Thorfinn had to fight Snake to protect Arneis and Gardar. Snake scarred Thorfinn's face and the fight was a draw, Gardar still died and the slaves had to pay for what they had done. Thorfinn and Einar tied up outside. Arneis tied up in a barn.

Ketil returned but not alone, Leif Ericson was with him, Leif had been promised Thorfinn for free for a ride home. Canute was trying to frame the Ketil family for treason. Another freed slave on the farm who looked after the slaves in general named Patil asked Leif to buy Einar and Arneis as well. By the time he was allowed to see Thorfinn something terrible had already happened. Thorfinn and Einar were brought to the Elder Masters house with Leif, to find Arneis dying. Ketil had snapped when he heard she tried to escape, that combined with what Canute was doing drove him to viciously beat her. He didn't seem to care she was with child. It was Snake that saved her life, but it was for nothing. Arneis still died, and like Askeladd before her, she died in Thorfinn's arms. She had asked why she should live when living was so painful, the words he had spoke three years before... and he told her about Vinland as she died in his arms. Promising her he would build a country in Vinland without war or pain and take her spirit with him.

Leif tried to get the two on his boat but Thorfinn stopped, lying and saying he forgot something and took off running. A battle was happening and Einar knew Thorfinn was running towards it. So he chased after him. Thorfinn reminded Einar how they never repaid the elder master, Patil or Snake, he wanted to save the farm before they left. When they reached the enemy camp he approched the warriors who laughed at him saying they could tell he was a slave because he looked like one of the animals, to which he apologized and asked them to let him speak to the king, telling them that if he only tells Canute his name, Canute WILL see him. He is hit full force for it.

After being punched a few more times Thorfinn asks what they are betting on. He finds out they are betting on how long he will stay on his feet. So he demands to be part of it, and if he can take 100 punches, he can see the king. They agree, and Thorfinn takes it. Snake tries to stop him but Einar holds him back. Thorfinn knew what he was doing. By the end of the 100 his face is mostly swollen and he's lost a back tooth. But the man swinging apologizes and recognizes him as a warrior. He is asked why he didn't fight back to which he responded 'How do you broker peace with violence. I have no enemies.' like his father years before. He was taken to Canute.

Canute was shocked to see the man, he could barely recognize him as the feral child he had known years before. Once the two start talking the guards around Canute realize that this man was Karlsfeni realizing they are lucky to be alive. After his talk with Canute, the two realize the have the same goal, they want to save everyone and change the world. But their plans don't work together, Thorfinn wants to save the cowards and unwanted, Canute wants to save the vikings. The two part ways and Thorfinn finally gets on the boat with Leif to leave, the farm saved and his debts repaid.

Asking Leif about Vinland once more, Leif offers to help under one condition. he has to go to Iceland first and see his family whose been waiting for him for years. Thorfinn realizes on his way home that he has NO idea how old he is anymore, and fears no one will recognize him. He was right to, seeing his sister Ylfa for the first time in years she assumed him a con and kicked him as hard in the face as she could trying to attack him for impersonating her dead brother. After moping around a bit, Leif convinced him to come see his mother. Helga knew her son on sight. Telling him he had his father's eyes, Thorfinn sobs on his mother telling her how sorry he is and she brings him inside, where he spends the day playing with his nieces and nephews.

Einar, Leif and his two sons sit around with Helga and Ylfa's kids until her husband gets home, Ylfa married one of the boys who saw Thors die, a boy who had Thors blessing to court her named Ari, who also recognizes Thorfinn and starts talking to him, but Ylfa comes home and still doesn't buy it. She knocks Thorfinn out with one punch something no one without a shovel had done in ages. When he woke the next day, Ylfa pulled him into another room and forced him to sit while she talked to him, demanding he get a haircut. He dosed off while talking to her...
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